logoNew Matrix Education

Matrix: The environment in which something grows and develops.

The New Matrix goals:

1) Design an excellent curriculum that prepares students for the future.

2) Use the latest technology to create a new coached learning environment that helps each student succeed.

Mastery Learning

Each student learns at his or her own pace and achieves mastery before going on. In the traditional classroom, often only a few of the students achieve mastery in the time allotted for a lesson.

Blended Learning

Each student studies the online lessons at his or her own pace. This frees the classroom teacher to offer individual coaching and make sure each student achieves mastery.

Project-Based Learning

Students learn critical and creative thinking and how to work as a team in small groups on challenging projects. Students design presentations and practice public speaking in showing their results.


New Matrix lessons are perfect for home schooling and extracurricular help. Do you know a student you could coach to test out our New Matrix Math Lessons? It's free, so register now!


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